Men's Hot & Cold Therapy Shorts

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Hot & Cold Therapy Shorts


Comes with (2) Hot & Cold Gel Packs


The ThermaFLX Hot & Cold Therapy Shorts allow you to take full advantage of hot and cold therapy to speed your recovery from soreness and injury.  ThermaFLX therapy garments feature a breathable and moisture resistant design, bringing an elevated level of comfort and therapeutic effect.


Treat and Recover!

  • Athletic & Fitness Recovery
  • Muscle Warm-Up/Cool Down
  • Lower Body Injuries
  • Stiffness/Aching
  • Muscle Pain
  • Muscle Spasms


How It Works!

Step 1: Freeze Gel Packs In The Freezer/Ice Bath or Heat In The Microwave/Hot Bath

Step 2: Place Gel Packs in Compression Shorts Where You Need It

Step 3: Recover, Perform Better, Feel Better


Reusable Gel Packs!

Long lasting reusable gel packs allow you to recover over and over again, whenever you need it!


Therapy On The Go!

It's time you have the hot & cold therapy you deserve! 



  • Strategically placed pockets allow you to place ThermaFLX Gel Packs where you need them, for any major muscle group.
  • Allows the user mobility and ease of application.
  • 4-way stretch material ensures a therapeutic level of compression.
  • Double stitching ensures durability.
  • Utilizes one (1) unique gel pack shape to provide maximum muscle and joint coverage without limiting range of motion.
  • Custom gel pack design provides targeted areas with evenly distributed  heat and cold application.
  • Durable reusable gel packs can be utilized for cold, hot, or contrast (alternating) therapy.
Set Includes:
  • One (1) ThermaFLX Comfort Compression Men's Shorts
  • One (1) ThermaFLX Hot & Cold Gel Pack Set [Including two (2) oval gel packs]

Additional ThermaFLX Hot & Cold Gel Packs can be purchased to treat larger affected areas or to have additional packs ready for extended or repeat application.

Size Chart:

Our Compression Fit therapy shorts are designed to be snug with 4-way stretch material. It is required that they are a tight fit to hold the gel packs in place. If you are in between sizes, we recommend that you order the smaller size.

Size Waist
XS 27 - 30
S 30 - 32
M 32 - 33
L 33 - 34
XL 36 - 38
2XL 40 - 44


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ThermaFLX philosophy

Our team knows what it means to have no way to apply hot & cold therapy on the go. We've all been stuck on the couch laying on an ice pack for what seems like eternity. We couldn't help but think there had to be a better way to apply hot & cold therapy.