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It's amazing! People can be more independent with their recovery. People don't have the ability to use hot and cold therapy like this with typical ice and heat packs!

Katie, PT

I've been a Jiu Jitsu player for 20 years. Besides the wear and tear on my joints, the muscle pain from over exertion is a near daily grind on my body. The ice and heat really helps! These garments are unbelievable!

Rick V.

It really helped heal torn muscles in my shoulder. I couldn't keep an ice pack in place, but the ThermaFLX compression shirt held it in the perfect spot!

Donna K.

Cold Therapy

Restricts blood flow to the affected area, reducing pain and inflammation.

Modern Therapy

Recovery When You Need It

Heat Therapy

Increases blood flow to the affected area, increasing oxygen and nutrients to repair damaged tissue.

Thermaflx is hot & Cold Therapy On The Go

Don't Sit Out Anymore

Wear as athletic gear or under your clothes


We are here to improve your physical wellness, recovery, and performance through advanced application of Hot & Cold Therapy!

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