Hot & Cold Therapy That Moves With You

ThermaFLX brings you the ability to take full advantage of hot and cold therapy anytime and anywhere. ThermaFLX therapy garments allow the user mobility, ease of application, and evenly distributed therapy to any combination of major muscle groups. 

ThermaFLX Hot and Cold Therapy Sets bring the best of both worlds, offering you access to the full benefit of either hot, cold, or contrast therapy. Our garments are made with a focus on quality, longevity, and ability to maintain a therapeutic temperature to meet the demands of your recovery. 

 Hot & Cold Therapy Is A Cornerstone In Any Rehab Protocol 

Whether you have an Upper or Lower Body Injury, Stiffness, Muscle Pain, Aching, Back Problems, or Muscle Spasms, ThermaFLX was designed with you in mind. 

Our compression fit garments bring a unique and much needed solution to a long proven method of physical recovery and pain relief. Forget about the pain and soreness that you have come to think of as your unwelcome housemate. Take your therapy with you wherever you need it!

 Cold Therapy

Cold therapy restricts blood flow to the affected area, reducing pain and inflammation. 

Take advantage of ThermaFLX cold therapy for soft tissue injuries including sprains, strains, hot and swollen areas of the body, muscle soreness, and pain after exercise. Cold therapy is the preferred first step in healing your injury, and with ThermaFLX, you have the means to make icing accessible and effective.

It is recommended not to exceed 20 minutes of cold therapy per application, with at least 20 minutes between each application. 

  Heat Therapy

Heat therapy increases blood flow to the affected area. This is essential to increasing oxygen and nutrients to repair damaged tissue. 

Take advantage of TheraFLX hot therapy to reduce stiffness, relax muscles, increase flexibility, and help heal deep tissue injuries. Applying heat to inflamed or hot areas of the body can have negative effects, so hot therapy is typically used during the later phases of the healing process. 

It is recommended not to exceed 20 minutes of hot therapy per application, with a minimum of 20 minutes between each application. 

Use The Right Treatment For Your Ailment

The information presented on this page is based upon general practices. Make sure you work with your healthcare practitioner to determine the proper treatment for your ailment. Stay healthy and stay WELL!