1. How to do hot and cold therapy with the ThermaFLX Hot & Cold Therapy Garment?

  • ThermaFLX makes hot and cold therapy application easy. Just heat or freeze the ThermaFLX Hot & Cold Gel Packs to the desired therapeutic temperature. Simply place an individual pack into each therapy garment pocket needed to treat the affected area. Make sure you read and follow all instructions prior to use.

2. Do the ThermaFLX Hot & Cold Gel Packs stay in place while being active?

  • ThermaFLX Hot & Cold Therapy Garments were designed to allow the user complete mobility while treating their soreness or injury. The Comfort Compression fit of our therapy garments was developed to keep ThermaFLX Hot & Cold Gel Packs in place, ensuring evenly distributed therapy while you remain active.

3. Do ThermaFLX Hot & Cold Therapy Garments get wet when using frozen gel packs?

  • ThermaFLX Hot & Cold Gel Packs were designed to minimize moisture build up when frozen. Combined, our "non-sweat" gel pack design and moisture resistant therapy garments keep you dry and comfortable.

4. Can you use ThermaFLX Hot & Cold Therapy Garments for back pain?

  • ThermaFLX Hot & Cold Therapy Garments include pockets for the upper, mid and lower back, giving you full back coverage for treatment. This allows you to secure ThermaFLX Hot & Cold Gel Packs over the affected back areas and hold them in place while remaining mobile and active

5. Do ThermaFLX products allow alternating ice and heat therapy?

  • Alternating (contrast) therapy is an important aspect of select recovery programs. ThermaFLX Hot & Cold Gel Packs are dual purpose and can be used for both hot and cold therapy, allowing you to alternate between the two easily.

6. Can women use ThermaFLX Hot & Cold Therapy Garments to apply heat for menstrual cramps?

  • ThermaFLX Hot & Cold Therapy Garments include a pocket over the lower abdomen and lumbar area on the women's line. This allows application of a heated therapy to help ease menstrual symptoms.

7. How long should you keep ThermaFLX Hot & Cold Gel Packs applied to the body?

  • The recommended treatment duration for heat or cold therapy is 20 minutes maximum, with a duration of 20 minutes minimum between sessions.  Make sure you work with your health care practitioner to determine the best treatment path for your needs.

8. Are ThermaFLX Hot & Cold Therapy Garments comfortable?

  • We designed our therapy garments to provide an elevated level of comfort and effectiveness. Designing our garments with Comfort Compression is one of our top priorities.

9. Can you cool or heat ThermaFLX Hot & Cold Gel Packs in a water bath?

  • ThermaFLX Hot & Cold Gel Packs were designed to allow heating and cooling in either a microwave/freezer or iced/heated water bath.

10. Do you have to use the full ThermaFLX Hot & Cold Therapy Garment?

  • ThermaFLX Hot & Cold Therapy Garments give you the flexibility to use the Comfort Compression shirt, shorts, or both to treat your ailment(s). Take advantage of our garments and use our large variety of pocket placements to give you relief where you need it.

11. Can you wear ThermaFLX Hot & Cold Therapy Garments under your clothes?

  • ThermaFLX Hot & Cold Therapy Garments can be worn under your clothes or on their own.

12. How many shapes of ThermaFLX Hot & Cold Gel Packs do you offer?

  • ThermaFLX Hot & Cold Gel Packs come in either an oval or triangle. These two shapes were designed to allow for maximum coverage and mobility when used with ThermaFLX Hot & Cold Therapy Garments.

13. Do ThermaFLX Hot & Cold Gel Packs have to be used with ThermaFLX Hot & Cold Therapy Garments?

  • ThermaFLX Hot & Cold Gel Packs do not have to be used with our garments and can be used as a stand-alone product. Our gel packs are perfect to keep in the freezer or on hand for heat application whenever you need them. While the therapy garment is designed to keep the gel packs in place and tight to the body, it is not required.